About Us

RTW Sales and Services provides products and services to churches.  Founded by Robert Williams, a volunteer for his church for more than 25 years, Robert started RTW Sales and Services to provide the best products, high quality services and all at the best possible prices.  He is dedicated to serving churches to their total satisfaction.


Our Mission

RTW Sales and Service strives to help all churches get the best prices and to serve them with the best possible products and services possible.

Dedication of our Business

Robert Williams, Founder and President, dedicates this business to:

  • His loving Father and life coach, mentor, supporter and one of the most giving individuals on this earth, Tommy J. Williams
  • His Uncle Taffy Williams (Tommy J. Williams brother), killed in WWII on his final mission (which ironically was a volunteer mission)
  • and also his Grandparents J.B. & Rosa Williams for teaching the importance of both family and Family Run Business.

My family taught me the meaning of community, high values and value of leading a purpose driven life.


  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of service possible.
  • We are fair and equal in our dealings.
  • We are loyal to our customers
  • We respect each other and those that we serve
  • We are passionate about Service Leadership
  • We are values based
  • We are about community
  • All order are Drop Ship