3 1⁄2″ Nylon Candle Shell

3 1⁄2″ Dia Liquid Light Candle
3 1⁄2" Dia Liquid Light Candle
3 1⁄2″ Nylon Candle Shell with Flexa-Glow Tops

Lumen Deo Flexa Glow

Lumen Deo Liquid Wax Candles provide the beauty of a wax candle without the wax cleanup. Constructed in the United States, the refillable nylon shells are highly durable and have the look of traditional beeswax candles.

The fiberglass wick makes a continual loop to draw fuel from the fuel reservoir to the flame. Our wicks last for 1,000 hours of burn time. When you are ready for a new wick, just give us a call and we will replace it free of charge. This fuel is the same fuel used in the manufacture of candles and provides a clean, odorless, dripless flame.

The Flexa-Glow system offers a choice between two fuel methods to use – pouring CandlePure™ liquid paraffin directly into the candle reservoir, or use of disposable fuel cells.

Lumen Deo’s Liquid Wax Candles are available in sizes to fit most existing candlesticks, making them easy to use. This economical candle system will provide hours of clean, odorless candlelight for your worship service!

Handcrafted from the highest quality nylon available, individually tooled.

Price: from $19.95