Derived from the sacred Boswellia tree, the rich aroma of frankincense has enriched sacred liturgies since ancient times. A rich fragrance with slight tones of spice that encourages prayer.

Since ancient times, worship of God has included the use of incense and prayer. In this tradition, Will & Baumer has blended this exclusive Majesty Incense with rich spices and gums reminiscent of the ancient Middle East where our Christian tradition began.

Item# Candle Diameter  Units/Case  Unit Price
57816 1 lb Myrrh 4 $79.80
57818 1 lb Majesty Incense Celtic Blend 4 $79.80
57819 1 1b Three Kings Blend 4 $79.80
57820 1 lb Gloria Church Blend 4 $79.80
Price: from $79.80
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