Byzantium Beeswax


Natural Colored Beeswax from the Early Days of Christianity
Beeswax candles were introduced into the liturgy in Byzantium and these pure candles which were the symbol of the “pure Christ” were unbleached and in their natural color.
Today, Eastern Rite liturgies as well as Christians who hunger for a return to their spiritual roots burn Will & Baumer Byzantium natural candles in their most sacred liturgies. Long used for funerals, baptisms, and for the Advent season, Byzantium candles also inspire a reverent pose for altars during mass. These natural-colored, long burning, smokeless Byzantium candles will bear a prayerful mood to the solemn traditions of our spiritual past. Will & Baumer has manufactured natural colored beeswax candles for over 155 years and has long been considered the leader in the church candle industry. Our long history of superior quality and hand crafted American workmanship guarantees for your church a candle of character and dignity.
We urge you to burn our Byzantium 51% beeswax natural unbleached candles in your sanctuary as you celebrate the liturgies of our Lord that began nearly 2000 years ago.

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