Candle Lighter


Candle lighters With Bell Snuffer

The new Will & Baumer Candle Lighter with Snuffer features a durable brass construction with a polished wood handle.

The 36″ length allows one to reach each candle with ease.

Simply load a wax lighting taper and light your candles with ease.

The dual functioning candle lighter is also equipped with a snuffer that enables you to quickly extinguish your candles without creating a mess.


Item# Description Prices
LS915 18” Candle Lighter with Bell Snuffer  $   29.99
KS983 24” Candle Lighter with Bell Snuffer  $   39.99
EC502 36″ Candlelighter w/Bell Snuffer  $   49.99
LS916 60″ Candle Lighter with Bell Snuffer  $   59.99
Price: from $29.99
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